Cricket a graphical tool that helps you run your test suites.

Normal unittest test runners dump all output to the console, and provide very little detail while the suite is running. As a result:

  • You can’t start looking at failures until the test suite has completed running,
  • It isn’t a very accessible format for identifying patterns in test failures,
  • It can be hard (or cumbersome) to re-run any tests that have failed.

Why the name cricket? Test Cricket is the most prestigious version of the game of cricket. Games last for up to 5 days... just like running some test suites. The usual approach for making cricket watchable is a generous dose of beer; in programming, Balmer Peak limits come into effect, so something else is required...


At present, Cricket only has support for Django project test suites. It supports both the Django 1.6 unittest2-based test discovery scheme, and the pre-Django 1.6 test discovery scheme.

In your Django project, install cricket, and then run it:

$ pip install cricket $ python -m cricket.django

This will pop up a GUI window. Hit “Run all”, and watch your test suite execute.


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